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Fiberglass Garage Door Insulation

Texas Garages offers the highest R-value on the market for garage door fiberglass insulation of both Commercial and Residential Applications from Anco Products. Our fiberglass insulation kits for overhead doors are manufactured from 85% recycled content, resistant to corrosion, don’t promote mold, bacteria or fungi growth and are indoor air quality certified and 100% formaldehyde free. Customers prefer this product over rotary spun fiberglass because it’s safer and more comfortable to install—the longer fibers are less likely to cause irritation. Installing our formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation couldn’t be easier, since the kit requires no special tape or clips and is held in place with the rigid, reinforced mesh vinyl facer. Installation on a standard residential 16’-wide garage door takes less than an hour!

With a certified R-9 rating, Anco’s fiberglass insulation is fire rated and flame retardant with superior thermal resistance. The vinyl facing and fiberglass carry a flame and smoke spread rating of 25/50 respectively when tested in accordance with ASTM E84 or UL flame spread test. Fiberglass will not flame up and will only smolder under high heat. Order from us, follow the easy installation instructions below and enjoy your insulated garage!
Easy Installation
Step 1 - Measure

Measure the inside door
panel dimensions width
and cut to fit.

Step 2 - Cut

Use utility knife and straight
edge to get a nice clean cut edge.

Step 3 - Install

Tuck the material inside the door
panel frame edges to hold in place.

Step 4 - Enjoy

Enjoy cooler temperatures in the
summer and warmer in the winter.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are the fiberglass garage door insulation kits formaldehyde free? Even though they are rated indoor air quality certified does that mean they are completely formaldehyde free?
: Yes. Our Fiberglass Garage Door Insulation kits are 100% Formaldehyde free and use 85% Recycled content.

Q: Will the additional weight of the fiberglass garage door insulation kits require the garage door lift springs to be adjusted?
A: Maybe. Each kit add approximately 11-lbs. to the door. Depending on the quality, age and maintenance of your garage door lift springs will determine if you need to do any adjustments to them. It is recommended a Professional Garage Door technician do any adjustments to you garage door if needed.

Q: How are the retainer clips used, I can't see how they attach to anything?
A: The retainer clips are used to cover the exposed left or right vertical edges of the recycled fiberglass insulation kits and holds the material flush with the outside frame edge of the door to give the installation a professionally finished look. The retainer clips are placed inside the top and bottom horizontal frame edges of the door panel where there is no cavity to tuck the fiberglass insulation into. The fiberglass insulation pushes outward on the retainer clip causing a "Friction Fit" and retainer clips basically hold them self in place.

Will your product continue to stay in place and smooth for years to come? I have (2) 10 X 12 commercial doors on my shop, and (1) 9x7 residential. I have a 2 car 18x7 and 1 car 9x7 on my attached garage. Which kits and quantity do you recommend for my doors?
A: First, yes, the reinforced vinyl mesh on the fiberglass insulation product allows the material to tuck inside the door frame rails to hold itself in place, this is called a “friction fit”. As an example, we have (2) 10’W x 12’H bay doors at our shop (picture attached), that have had the fiberglass insulation on them for over 4-years now, with no problems.

Kits you will need are; (2) commercial kits, (1) for each 10’W x 12’H commercial door. The 9’W x 7’H doors will need (1) residential kit per door, the 18’W x 7’H door will need (2) residential kits, total of (4) residential kits.

Determine how many retainer clips you will need, that is where you have a vertical edge you can’t tuck the insulation behind because it is a boxed beam. Each residential kit comes with (6) clips, none with the commercial kit. You can purchase the clips separately if you need more.

You can purchase on our website link: https://www.texasgarages.com/garage-door-fiberglass-insulation-s/152.htm

Customer Comments
"I installed the Fiberglass Insulation Kits and just wanted to comment on how easy they went in and how well they work. I did my double door, 7' high by 16' wide with (16) panels, in about one hour without trying hard. Looks great, the video made it a snap. the door is now virtually silent while opening and my noisy street is a thing of the past. My father in law was here and said he wished he used these kits instead of the Panel Foam." Tim S., NY

"We recently purchased tow of the Fiberglass Insulation Kits and they worked great! Our garage here in Florida now stays fairly constant inside without feeling the summer sun's heat coming through the doors even up to a couple of feet away inside. The door is now very quiet when opening and closing. The installation is very simple and looks professional with the retainer clips." Duane P., FL

"I installed the Fiberglass Insulation Kits on my double door and it was a breeze. I did it in no time, it was very simple and straight forward. I had no miss cuts or difficult tasks, just measure, cut and install. I have hurricane braces on my door here in Florida and I was able to slide the material in place behind the braces without taking them off, saved a lot of time and effort. I am very pleased with the results and highly recommend this product!" Denny G., FL

"Thank you! You have a great company and should the need arise, I look forward to doing business with your company in the future." Michael B., CA

"Thanks again, and BTW, This is a Great product! I was very impressed by how easily your kits were installed, I did an 8' x 16', an 8' x 18' and an 8' x 9' door all in one day and I didn't even try to break any speed records doing them. Being that I live in Florida, with the hurricane braces on the doors, which act to hold the material in very securely and looks great. Randy F., FL

"I am very pleased with the product. I was able to trim it out around my top windows using only my cutter and white tape. The temperature in my garage is now staying around 54 - 56 degrees with the outside temperatures at 32 - 35 degrees and 2-sides of my garage are to the outside. You have a great product!"
Randy S., FL

"I installed my Fiberglass Garage Door Insulation kits over the weekend and the install went great, thanks for supplying me with a great product. I already have handed out your contact information to several neighbors." John Y., TX

"We recently installed your Fiberglass Garage Door Insulation kits for our garage door. We are very pleased with the product, ease of installation and a much cooler garage in the summer. It is nice to find a product that meets the advertised specifications. I am recommending to all my neighbors." T. Smith, TX

"I'm seriously impressed with your Fiberglass Garage Door Insulation product. It was simple to install and it has made a huge difference in the temperature of my garage. My only regret is that I didn't install this product two years ago, it has made me a believer! Thanks so much." Greg M. FL

"The product is everything you advertised and I will keep you in mind for future needs and recommendations to friends and family." Doug T., TX

"Very simple and easy to install. It took longer to clean the dirt and dust off the door than it did to install the insulation. The nice that about the fiberglass product is I didn't have to remove the hurricane braces, it just slid right behind the braces with no problem." Jeff R. TX

"Thank you for your product - trouble free installation." Steve V., SC

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