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Kendon® Fold Up Stand-Up™ Portable

Motorcycle Lifts

Our Motorcycle Lifts are the perfect alternative to stationary industrial shop lifts when space is a problem. These bike lifts make maintenance, customizing, cleaning and detailing bikes enjoyable and practical with limited space. Once you have one and use one, you'll wonder how you got along without one. Kendon's award winning patented original design delivers a portable fold up stand up heavy duty motorcycle lift.

  • Stable
    The Kendon lift uses the same basic footprint of shop lifts.
  • Mighty
    1,000 lb lift capacity.
  • Versatile
    Air or manually operated.
  • Waterproof
    Take it outdoors for washing and detailing. Fold it up and roll it away when you're done.
  • Wheel Removal
    Removable rear section and front wheel loop. Four point tie down system for easy and secure wheel removal. (Optional Frame Jack required for wheel removal)
  • Space Saver
    Stands up and stores in a 17" x 28" footprint.
  • Mobile
    One person operation to roll away and stand up for storage.

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