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Parking Pad Vinyl Flooring

Polyvinyl Garage Parking Pads

Heavy-Duty "MM" Grade G-Floor Parking Pad Vinyl flooring is kickstand tough. Whether you need to protect your concrete floors from whatever abuse you dish out or you want to protect yourself from the equally painful activities of standing on bare concrete and cleaning that concrete, we've got you covered. The G-Floor Parking Pad Vinyl Flooring is a line of commercial shop and garage flooring products that stand up to the worst spills and abuse, while at the same time keeping your shop area more comfortable. Use the G-Floor Parking Pads for your cars, motorcycles, golf carts and other uses in your garage.

The G-Floor Parking Pad Vinyl Flooring is easy to clean, has a safe, slip resistant surface and is made of durable, long-lasting materials. These Parking Pads help to minimize damage that heavy impacts and vibrations can cause to concrete floors. All G-Floor products provide a cushioned support for standing and walking. Anyone who spends time in their workshop knows that you can lose track of time on a project and start complaining of foot and back pain, the G-Floor helps to reduce this.

Made of the same 100% Polyvinyl for which all G-Floor products are known, the G-Floor Parking Pad Vinyl Flooring is easy to install, just roll-out. Find out how easy it is to transform your garage, basement, shed, trailer, workshop or office into a safe, comfortable and great looking area.

Key Features:

The Ribbed texture pad channels liquids and debris away
Hides cracks and stains on floors
Prevents concrete, soil and water contamination
Anti-fatigue walking and standing surface
Ultra-durable and formulated to last for years
Reduces amount of dirt tracking into the home
Easy installation, just roll out, no adhesives
Helps prevent concrete deterioration
Vapor barrier, moisture will not penetrate
Easy to move when cleaning is needed
Easy to cut if needed
Thermal insulation and noise reduction

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